Sunday, February 26, 2017

No Knead Overnight Bread

This is the easiest, not sure you heard me, THE EASIEST bread recipe I've ever used. Adapted from Girl Versus Dough, I make this a few times a week and it comes out perfect every time. Sometimes just the basic recipe and sometimes I throw in a few herbs or something sweet. I find this recipe best to start at night so that it can sit the longest. The longer the dough sits, the better the crumb will be (pockets of air to fill with deliciousness).  

I used to be a baker when I was younger and honestly, got quite burnt out from it (pun totally intended). When I found this recipe and read the instructions, I thought 'so this does all the work for me when I am sleeping?!.' It's true. You barely have to do anything. The most work is done in the morning while your oven and pan are heating up.

I always make this when we have guests over and they think I've been slaving away all morning. My favorite way to eat this is as toast or a side with some soup.

No Knead Overnight Bread

  • 3 C AP flour 
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 1 tsp yeast 
  • 380ml or 1 1/2 C water, warm
Optional Herbs and Flavorings
  • Italian seasoning (1 TB)
  • Rosemary & Garlic (1 tsp of each) 
  • Jalapeno* and cheddar (1/2 C small cubed extra sharp cheddar & 2 TB dried pepper)
  • Olives (1/2 C chopped)
    *add after rising for fresh jalapenos. If using dried Jalapeno add with the flour.

In a mixing bowl, add flour, salt, yeast, and optional herbs or flavorings. Stir with a wooden spoon or spatula. Once everything is mixed well, add the warm water and mix until you have a shaggy dough. Don't worry about mixing too much, just make sure all the flour is incorporated. Cover and let sit at least 8 hours. I like to let it sit 10-12. 

Use a heavy bottomed pan. I use a dutch oven but you can also use a bread pan. If you are using a dutch oven, place in oven and then preheat to 450°f for 30 minutes. If you are using a thinner bread pan. do no preheat. This will cause the bottom to burn.

 Immediately after turning oven on, add any herbs or flavorings that are left. Taking a fork (or two) scrape down the side of the bowl and pull towards the center, going around the entire bowl. Then cover and let sit until the oven is done preheating (should be about 30 minutes). This is essentially 'punching down the dough'.  If your pan does not have a lid or it is not high enough, you can use tinfoil.

Take your pan out of the oven. Sprinkle some flour on top on the dough. Taking your forks, scrape dough of the sides of the bowl and scrape into the hot pan. Usually mine lands flour side down, which is perfect.

Cover pan and place in oven for 50 minutes. After 50 minutes the loaf should be done. If you want the top crustier, just take your cover off and bake another 5-10 minutes. Remove from pan to cool. I never wait long enough and always cut off the ends to eat while the rest of the loaf cools a little more.

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